General Information of Wuhu Institute of Technology

Oct 23 2019

Wuhu Institute of Technology (WIT for short) is not only among the first batch of national leading model institutes but also the first one to attain the title in Anhui province. It is rated ‘A’ in the national teaching quality evaluation. It is also the first pilot institute in Anhui province to win the independent enrollment right and the first one to carry out a four-year bachelor program. WIT was founded in 1983 with the original name Wuhu Union University. It then changed with the current name under the approval of National Education Commission (now Ministry of Education) on May, 1997. On August, 2000, Wuhu Agriculture  School, which boasts a history of more than 100 years, merged into WIT under the approval of Anhui Provincial People’s Government. In the year 2001, it became one of the 31 model institutes under the authority of the Ministry of Education. It was among the first 28 national model institutes which were subsidized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. On May, 2012, Wuhu Informational Institute of Technology was merged into WIT under the permission of Anhui Provincial People’s Government. This also injects vibrancy to the development of WIT.

WIT covers an area of around 800,000 square meters (buildings account for 440,000 square meters) with teaching instruments which are worth over 116 million RMB. Currently, the institute has 15 schools (School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Automobile Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Constructive Engineering, School of Material Engineering, School of Bioengineering, School of Horticulture, School of Web Engineering, School of Economy and Management, School of Applied Foreign Languages, School of International Business and Trade, School of Public Management, School of Culture and Tourism and School of Arts and Media), one affiliated secondary informational school and Instruments and Apparatuses Research Institute (which has a hi-tech company as its branch). In addition, the institute co-founded dozens of training centers with some renowned corporations such as Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd., Midea Group, Mengniu Dairy, etc. Currently, WIT has 68 majors, with over 20,000 full-time students and around 5,000 adult students for further diploma education.

WIT works closely with foreign universities and colleges from the United States of America , Britain , Australia , Singapore , Japan , South Korea , etc. For example, since the cooperative education with Singapore BCA  Academy, more than ten graduates are transferred to study there each year. Moreover, the institute was selected by the National Ministry of Education to join the Sino-German Automotive Vocational Education program.

Wuhu Institute of Technology is determined to become a high-level model institute with distinctive features and international prestige.