Manager of International Projects of TasTAFE, Paul Lennard, Visits our School

Aug 31 2017

Paul Lennard, head of International Education of TasTAFE, visited our school accompanied by Mr. Zhao Gang, representative in China, on May 16th. Vice President, Gao Wu welcomed guests in the conference room 1116.

Mr. Lennard’s visit coincides with students’ departure for study camp in Australia. President Gao introduced the history and the status guoof our school as well as the operation concepts. He also noticed the similarities between the two higher education institutions on student number and course layout, which will stimulate close cooperation under the context of internationalization. The exchange of students and short-term teacher training are a good start for further extensive communication. The cutting-edge theory and practice in vocational education in Australia will bring new dynamics to our school. Meanwhile, President Gao sincerely invited student and teacher representatives from TasTAFE for a visit.

In return, Mr. Lennard appreciated the hospitality to the host. He introduced TasTAFE’s strong programs and information relevant to international partner programs. One of his purposes of this trip is to listen to the ideas and suggestions from students set for the study camp, so he can make better arrangements in Australia to facilitate their visit.


Seventeen students in the study camp all spoke in this meeting. They expressed gratitude for the great opportunity facilitated by both sides. They brought up their ideas and wishes to the agenda based on what they learnt. Mr. Lennard listened patiently and recorded students’ speaking. He will bring these ideas back to Australia and help with better arrangements. He looked forward to meeting with students at TasTAFE. President Gao and Mr. Lennard signed on the cooperation memo afterwards.


President Gao also accompanied Mr. Lennard touring the greenhouseCollege of Forestry and Horticulture, the intangible cultural heritage-iron painting base and display room(College of Arts and Media) as well as the practice center for Flight Attendance (College of Foreign Language Studies). Mr. Lennard took pictures from place to place and appreciated the landscape of our school, the facilities and students’accomplishments.


He will introduce our school to the teaching staff and students at TasTAFE, and he hope the friendship between us will be consolidated.