Delegation to Tasmania TAFE Accomplished Training in Teaching Management and Innovation

Aug 27 2017

A delegation comprising twelve backbone teachers, led by Mr. Tang Qiang from School of Biotechnology, visited TasTAFE of Australia during August 6 to 19 and accomplished their training in teaching management and innovation in academic environment aiming to foster outstanding teaching staff with international visions.


The delegation was warmly welcomed by the Australian host school. All the visiting members observed and studied classroom teaching and labs from campus to campus focusing on capacity-centered teaching preparation, practicing and evaluation. Our teaching staff benefited immensely from the model feedback system, flexible teaching arrangement, and standard course portfolios. Members commented teaching expertise is the foundation and dynamic for a healthy, fast and efficient development of vocational colleges. The collaborative program with Australian TasTAFE enhanced their personal qualities overall and stimulated helpful ideas in course reform and teaching quality improvement.

The delegation has accomplished their training tasks overseas. This is the first official organized delegation to Australia sent by our school, which will build our international reputation. The detailed exploration in content and form of the training program will lay solid foundation for future international delegation visits and the internationalization of our college.