Delegation to NTU for Training in Teaching Management and Innovation

Aug 31 2017

The delegation, invited by Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, had a ten-day visit for training in teaching management and innovation in academic environment comprising nine teachers from six schools, led by KeGuoqin from Automotive Engineering School. The delegate members learnt the history and the status guo of the development of tertiary education in Singapore. Meanwhile, they contrasted the similarities and differences of vocational education in Singapore and China. After learning the advanced teaching methodologies and teaching practicing ideology from Singapore, we will develop a team with international visions and promote vocational education reform and innovation based on the new blueprint.

(Professor Kuok Seng Hwee, former Counsellor to the Singapore Embassy in USA, is addressing a speech)

(Delegate members photograph with Professor Hong Huaqing, NTU)

(Liu Jipeng, teaching staff in NTU, is speaking to delegate members)

Academics from Nanyang Centre for Public Administration addressed speeches on The Features of Education System and Vocational Education Development, Tertiary Education in MOOCing Age, Opportunities and Challenges, Selection and Promotion of Teachers and Their Performance Appraisal Methods and Practices Developing Vocational Education in the Twenty First Century-Experiences from Singapore, Quality Assurance of Evaluation System and Vocational Education in Singapore, Performance Assessment and Career Development of Vocational Teachers in Singapore. The delegate members also visited Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic, One-North and other places.

During the ten-day-stay, members acknowledged their updated concepts, broadened visions and increased knowledge in the diversified training tasks.