Take a Close Look at Wuhu Institute of Technology

Aug 31 2017

Ranking of our School

Our school was ranked 19 and a five-star, No. One in province, among the top 600 from 1346 higher education institutions in the 2017 China College Competitiveness Report issued by RCCSE, ECCEQ and www.nseac.com on January 12th.

Chinese Higher Education Communication and Public Opinion Monitoring Online has studied the media coverage of 100 selective vocational colleges in China for more than six months. It made the final list together with People’s Daily and MS Weekly. The two mainstream media then published the top 30 colleges, with us listed in.

According to the report, the media coverage of the 100 colleges reached 17100 times. The top three are Wuhu Institute of Technology, Changsha Social Work College, and Changzhou College of Information Technology.

Labelled “First”

Among the first group of National Selective Higher Education Institutions

Among the first group of Provincial selective Higher Education Institutions

First pioneer college undertaking recruiting reforms in Anhui Province

Among the first group of pioneer colleges reforming four-year technical-and-skilled student cultivation

The Largest

Chu Jinxia has many titles, including the Fifth Generation to Wuhu Iron Painting Maker, Master of Arts and Crafts, National Intangible Cultural Heritage Successor. She, along with other local masters, created Hui Merchants Arising from Jiuzi stocked in Jiuzi Ancient Village, a tourist resort. This magnificent painting is 15.77 meter long, 7.35 meter wide covering 115.91 square meters, making it the largest iron painting accredited by Guinness World Records. It was mainly completely in the Iron Painting Master Studio in our campus. The whole process including design, making and installation lasted eighty days, during which our school offered solid support and efficient cooperation in making it. This painting has displayed tremendous charm of intangible cultural heritage and the history of Wuhu.  



We successfully hosted 2017 New Year Gala, 2016 Classic Huangmei Opera Performance, Furong Cup Traditional Clothing of the Han People Show, 2016 Campus Orchestra Concert.



The Chairman of College Council of WIT, Chen Xudong (fourth to the left) attended the Conference about Politics in colleges in Beijing from December 7th to December 8th, during which President Xi Jinping made an important speech.


The President of WIT, Professor Xu Jianping( first to the left), was invited to the Tenth Conference of Deepening Education Reforms and appointed as a national-level Advisor on October 20th, when Vice Premier, Liu Yandong presented and addressed a speech.


Model of Student Employment and Entrepreneurship in Anhui

We are among the first group of Entrepreneurship Universities and Colleges appointed by provincial authorities.



(former Mayor Pan Zhaohui introduces our school)

On a National Stage

The final of the second "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students was held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology from October 12 to 15, 2016. Our program Simulator for Industrial Robots, together with participants from University of Science and Technology of China, won three silver medals for Anhui. The record-breaking medal made us one of the four colleges in China having won Grand Slam.



Breakfasting with the President

Breakfast Session with the President “builds highways”facilitating communication.


311 enterprises were invited to attend the annual grand on-site interviews in the library of the South Campus, with joint efforts from our school and Wuhu Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.